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Gatlinburg Highlights

47 members of the Cato family joined together in the mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We all lived together for 3 nights and have the most wonderful time imaginable.  The most amazing part was this was the first time a lot of the family met each other, but you certainly wouldn't know it.  

Family traveled from:

Georgia (Atlanta, Macon, Sandersville, Byron, Statesboro, Morrow),

Cleveland, Ohio,

Kansas City, Missouri,

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Oxford, North Carolina

The youngest individual in the house was 2 and the oldest was 69.  

We cooked meals together, played games, ate, drank, painted, cried, laughed, and LOVED!


Branches By The Number

Juanita:   7

Lizzie:      24

Lula:        12

Matilda:   4

Generations By The Number

3rd:          3

4th:          14

5th:          14

6th:          13

7th:           3

Special Thank You

Reunion Committee: Navin & Shirley

Culinary Committee: Brian, David, Janettea, John, Rachell, Renita, Shurod

Activity Committee: Johnise, Teneka

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