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Louise Cato

Born: Sandersville, GA
Occupation: Culinary at Duval County School Board
Spouse: Levertis Nealy on February 11, 1954
Resting Place:  Jacksonville National Cemetery

May 4, 1931 -  June 8, 2010

Aunt T, as she was affectionately known to all whole loved her, was born Thelma Louise Cato on May 4, 1931 in Sandersville to Boise & Julia Cato.  At some point, she decided to drop Thelma and began using Louise as her first name.  At an early age, she along with her family moved to Macon Georgia, where she was educated in the public school system.  In 1950, she moved to Jacksonville, Florida where she continued her education.  On February 11, 1954, she married the love of her life, Levertis Nealy.  Louise was employed by the Duval County School Board, working in Culinary until she retired in 1971.


Louise was a faithful member of the Love Missionary Baptist Church where she served as Trustee of the church, President of the Choir, Pastor's Aid, and affiliated with many other organizations.  She loved her church and was very supportive within it.  She enjoyed singing and led many songs in the choir.  

She enjoyed making her famous coconut cake upon her son's (Charles) request.  She enjoyed eating seafood, especially shrimp.  


She was the mother of 1 son, Charles Scott, who was a Mathematics educator in Pittsburgh, PA.  Louise has 2 grandchildren Edward Scott and Charlena Scott who both live in the state of Pennsylvania.  After retiring, Charles and his wife Mary relocated to Statesboro, Georgia.  Her husband Levertis was a very active participant of the Cato Family Reunions until his passing in 2020.  

Louise, (the wife) was madly in love with her husband.  They would tease each other and joke often.  They both participated in bowling leagues and would love sharing their competitive stories.  She would often tell her husband that while he loved the Cato's and the Cato's loved him, he should never forget he was just adopted into the family, she was born into it.  


Louise (the mother), was very supportive and nurturing.  She is fondly remembered for stepping in and making sure her grandson Edward had the most beautiful wedding imaginable.  She spoke well of her grandchildren and loved them immensely.  

Louise (the grandmother) was outspoken.  It was never hard for her to give her opinions on anything.  A tad bossy and had the last word.  Also sassy and had a good sense of humor.  She had a heart to help people, extremely loving, and kind.  Her style and way of dressing up was truly admired by her granddaughter Charlena.  For Christmas, she would send a box full of oranges and tangerines which were individually wrapped in paper towels to ensure they stayed fresh.  Also in the box would be pecans, all of which were from the trees in the back of her home.  

Louise (the auntie) had a strong personality.  She didn't allow room for any confusion of her message.  Whatever she said, she meant.  While she was strict, stern and disciplined, the heart of this beautiful, well dressed, hair always in place woman of God beat full of love.  She had a heart of gold and an amazing sense of humor.  She was very fond of her nephew Edward (son of her sister Ella).  The two of them would send Edward to run errands and deliver items between their two homes.  

Louise loved her siblings and was very close to Lizzie and Fred.  She also LOVED her Cato Family and attending the family reunions.  Louise is truly missed, but lives on in our hearts.





Edward Scott


Charlena Scott

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