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Welcome Cato Family to our family site!  Everything you need to know regarding the CATO FAMILY will be placed on this site.  You can connect with other family members through discussion boards and picture sharing.  You may also visit the family Facebook page as well.  (Don't forget to "Like" us!)  


SIGN UP NOW!!  So that you can experience all the site has to offer!  

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A Family Is

Born of love;

knit together by faith and trust

 in one another;

strengthened by truth;

reinforced by respect for

each member

And healed by openness.

A family needs commitment

and honesty from each member

 in order to be close.

A family can overcome anything –

cruelty, deception, dysfunction,

fear, self-involvement, even

indifference by practicing

forgiveness and love.


© E. P. Walker

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